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Our History

Tahiti Import Export has its origins in selling and promoting traditional Tahitian Vanilla beans.  When Marc Jones initially moved to Tahiti he found vanilla to be the next hot item and quickly began establishing Tahiti Import Export as the premier supplier of Tahitian Vanilla beans to both the local market and worldwide.  

Since demand was so high Marc began to expand the company to offer other high quality products with a distinctly Tahitian flavour, this led to Noa Noa Tahiti being formed to bring together the whole range of Tahitian styled products that were being offered.  

Today, that line up includes chocolates, cookies, tea, coffee, soaps and vanilla.  Everything is made in Noa Noa Tahiti's manufacturing facility in Tahiti using all natural ingredients and made to a very high quality standard.  

The origins of selling vanilla beans can still be seen in most of the products, with vanilla still being used in many of the products.