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NoaNoa Tahiti proudly manufacturers a wide range of premium chocolates.  Using all natural ingredients sourced from Tahiti we create a delicious assortment of chocolates so you can remember your trip to Tahiti.

Using all natural ingredients our master craftsmen create a wide range of delicious chocolates.  The range starts with our traditional milk chocolates beautifully packaged in a collectible tin case.  If you are looking for something a little bit special and exotic then try our milk chocolate with macadamia or our macadamia nuts covered in chocolate.  If you are still unsure then our assorted chocolates box makes a great option.

Whether you are buying for yourself or thinking of getting a gift for someone NoaNoa Tahiti’s range of chocolates is the perfect option.

Using all natural ingredients NoaNoa Tahiti proudly brings you their range of chocolates.  We source all our ingredients from the pristine isles of Tahiti.  From there our master craftsmen ensure that every batch of chocolates is made according to our stringent quality control standards.  We produce a wide assortment of chocolates to suit your taste.  Our traditional milk chocolate is a delicious option for indulging your sweet tooth.  Packaged in a collectible tin it also makes a for a great way to remember your trip to Tahiti or just to eat the whole lot.

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